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Launch & manage NFT collections from art generation to post-mint experiences

The Mission

SiteManager has a validated cloud web design platform built on a strong no-code / low-code technology foundation.

At the moment, we are leveraging our proprietary tech stack to enter the web3 market and establish ourselves within that space.

By doing this, we aim to become the leading figure for creators and brands that want to launch a new NFT project from pre-mint art generation all the way to post-mint content experience.

No-Code NFT tools

Launch a new NFT project from pre-mint art generation all the way to post-mint content experience.

The roadmap
to ultimate No Code experiences

Build a community of 1000 Founders

Everything starts from building long-lasting relationships with like-minded communities and with our members. We want to grow organically first and get ready for when things will get really exciting…

NFT Gated Content Module Launch

Our very first module entirely dedicated to Web3 will be the Gated Content module. It’s going to be a huge accomplishment and the first of many to come.

Founders Pass NFT Mint

For those who have been present, engaged and supportive of the community, we will give the possibility to mint a lifetime access pass to our platform. The incredible set of utilities & benefits, that this NFT enables, will be given at a later date.

NFT Generator Module Launch

Second milestone will be the launch of the NFT generator module, allowing users to bring to life their art directly via SiteManager.

Contract Generator Module Launch

Need specific utilities to be connected to your NFT collection? Our third module will allow you to work directly on your smart contract and maximise the benefits for future holders.

Minting Site Module Launch

With the end of Q1, we will launch the module that will allow users to create fully branded minting experiences directly on their websites.

WWU Program Kick off

Under promise, over deliver. You see it here now, you will hear more soon.

NFT Marketplace Module Launch

Last but not least, the Marketplace module closes the loop of SiteManager’s Web3 Branded experience modules allowing artists, collectors and fans to showcase their favorite NFTs outside of the usual marketplaces like Opens, LooksRare or MagicHeden.

Celebrations for the full Web3 Brands ecosystem launch

Time to really leverage our community to identify new market needs, correct roadmap and best-in-class execution.   

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Being actively involved in many web3 communities, I feel the need for this kind of platforms growing every day. 

Gilles Den Haese

Agencies need to reinvent themselves every couple of years. Web3 is definitely the new talk in town. SiteManager will definitely speed up the GTM for many brands marketeers.  

Nicholas D'hondt
Growth Marketing and Web3 Strategist

I love the SiteManager vision and the platform. No-Code will definitely accelerate WEB3 adoption!

Tim Dierckxsens
CEO at

First community impressions

Let's grow this story together

Let's build a strong community of no-code believers. Be part of the foundation of our project and we will keep you always at the very core of our Future plans. 


Join our community and follow our web3 journey.


Learn more on 12/10/2022

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A team of experienced WEB3 enthousiasts is ready to build your next NFT dream project. 

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